Trevor & Abby | Indiana Wedding

Trevor & Abby are one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever met. I am blessed to work with many happy couples, but Abby & Trevor really take the cake.

Their wedding had a simple beauty to it, enhanced by the many personal touches they added to the day. The groom’s father wed them, & he mentioned Abby’s beautifully styled handwriting. I loved this unique detail, especially as it is a detail I am familiar with. I still have the envelopes Abby sent me before her wedding, only because I can’t bear to throw away something so pretty!

Trevor & Abby were a fantastic couple to work with. Wishing them the best as they start their new life – in a new state! – together.



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  1. K & Ron Trautvetter says:

    What a Tribute to their Covenant Marriage – that Abbey and Trevor can exude such genuine love for each other in these pictures! Reliving their Wedding gives me loving bursts of energy all over again. May they continue to bring such Goodness & Joy into a world that very much is in need of it. . .

  2. Ron says:

    So many beautiful pictures, but if any stand out to me it is the ones of Abby and her Father. The tremendous love and faith of this man of God simply oozes from the pictures. Rare is the man who exemplifies such love and gentle humility and patient endurance while going through such physical challanges. Joe is a true example of Christlikeness.

  3. Brent York says:

    These are beautiful. -Brent York, Trevor’s uncle.

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