Indianapolis Museum of Art Wedding | Naseer & Heather

All weddings have stories. When I come home from a wedding, the first thing I do is tell my husband an anecdote from the day. Nasser & Heather had an intimate gathering of family & friends at their wedding at the IMA; and their wedding has a story I still laugh about to this day.

At their wedding was a young boy, who we’ll call Karl. As you look through these photos, I’m certain you’ll be able to spot the photo of Karl. He was a very rambunctious boy, vivacious & apt to speaking his mind.

Prior to the wedding, I’d purchased a new foundation. Now, normally this would be unremarkable, other than I was certain that the color wasn’t quite right & that it was too light. I have fair skin, but I thought the salesperson hadn’t matched my skin tone correctly. But, I was in the middle of my busy season, & didn’t think of it much.

Karl, however, may have been better at skin tone matching than the sales rep. He asked me, very loudly & pointedly, “Why is your face so white?” The other guests in attendance about melted into the floor from embarrassment. I, on the other hand, was grateful. Thanks for calling me out – because I thought something was up with this foundation! Naturally, I made a priority of getting to Sephora to correct the problem.

Karl – that kid was hilarious. Nasser & Heather had a beautiful wedding full of lovely moments, but that funny kid really just made this wedding memorable.

Venue: Indianapolis Museum of Art



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